Monday, January 30, 2012

Resin Mold Pieces

Late last summer , I saw this video by Jennifer McGuire and was planning on having a go making my own resin mold flowers. September turned into October which turned into November. Then Thanksgiving in the U.S was here which of course is just one big blur until early January. I never did make any resin flowers.

Then Lacey started carrying Molded Resin pieces by Melissa Frances at Stamp and Create. My creative mind went wild with ideas on how to use the various pieces. I had to buy some.  BUT the horder in me wanted to save them and only take them out on special occasions and never use them on ANY project. Then the lightbulb went on! I can use them to create molds and make my own never ending supply of resin pieces.

I got the EasyMold and EasyCast from Michaels, my local craft shop. I got the pigment from a local plastic shop (Tap Plastics).

Here are the molds I made.

Here are several pieces coming out of the molds.

I have been in mass production mode.....the original pieces are in the lower right.

Here are a few of the same molded pieces in the few colours I have used. The first line are the original pieces.The second row are plain white, third row are white ones painted with cream acrylic paint. I made the the pink and red ones using the red and white pink pigments.

Some close ups

Another Close up

Next I need to try to make them with Tim Holtz Distress Inks!

Here are some of the projects that use some of these pieces.

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Victoria said...

oh wow these are totally stunning xxx

Anonymous said...

WOW wee! these look awesome!! you could colour them with Alcohol inks?
have fun and great to see you playing xx

Lisa Minckler said...

This is brilliant!!!! :) So glad I found your blog. I am off to find these goodies.

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