Thursday, November 11, 2010

Honu-Hawaiian for Sea Turtle

Hi everyone- I'm still on holiday. I am having a lovely time. I start each day with a bike ride for some exhaustive exercise. Then it's been off to some beach, or boat trip to go snorkeling. Yesterday the highlight was seeing an eel cruising around for some breakfast. Normally I just see eels peeking out of some coral. The coolest thing was that I saw the eel susse out an octapus which then quickly jetted out from its hiding spot, followed by lots of ink squirted into the eels face. It was the National Geographic/Discovery tv channel live! I couldn't help but think of Finding Nemo and the little octapus who said "You made me Ink".

I've been seeing lots of my favourite sea animal, the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, otherwise known as a Honu in Hawaiian. Here is a shot I got with my underwater digital camera (my old cannon digital camera in an underwater housing).



Unknown said...

Hi this seems such a fun and relaxing holiday .. what a beautiful photo this is .. wow ! enjoy it my friend xxx

Joan V said...

Thanks for posting. Now I really want to get to Hawaii

Distressed Miss said...

Beautiful pic hun I love it. I was so lucky to swim with Green Turtles in the Caribbean and they are magical.
If you want to pop over there is a little something on my blog for you!

Lacey Stephens said...

What a fantastic shot!! Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip!! I'm soooo jealous!! I may have to postpone my anniversary trip to Hawaii next yet. My brother just announced he's getting married a few weeks before our anniversary in St. looks like we may be going there instead. Still nice, but not Hawaii!!

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